Leading company in the design and development of plastic bottles and containers market.

PLASTICOS NACIONALES S.A. is a peruvian company with 56 years of specialized experience in design, development and production of stiff plastic containers. We supply to important industries such as: Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Pharmacy Labs, Hospitals, Agroindustry, Lubricants, Paint, Glue and Adhesives.

Our history

Plasticos Nacionales S.A. started its operation on November 2, 1962. It´s a peruvian stock company formed by businessmen Fernando Carbajal Balbuena (he used to represent Pond´s brand in Peru, who had under his charge FCarbajal Lab) and Alfredo Ferrand Inuritegui (was for a period of time President of the National Industry Society, Peru).

In 1964 Fernando Carbajal Ferrand takes on as General Manager guiding the company to a great growth until 1975.

In 1976, Francisco Palacios Chopitea, asumes the company´s new General Management. He continues Mr. Carbajal´s work and projection and takes it to another level. He continues his work until the date.

Throughout our history, we´ve grown hand by hand with our clients, optimizing and making our productive process each day much more efficient. Innovation and technology are key to guarantee the best quality and a final product that will provide satisfaction to all our customers.


Satisfy our client´s needs and expectations by providing an added value to our products & service with a competitive cost in the market. We assure quality improvements along the way made by our qualified team members.


To be recognized as leaders in our industry because of the quality we provide in our products. Compromising with our clients, suppliers and each person involved in our product design & development process.

Quality management system policy of Plásticos Nacionales S.A.

In Plásticos Nacionales S.A. we are committed to meeting the applicable requirements of our customers and relevant stakeholders.

We supply quality rigid plastic containers in competitive conditions, providing an excellent service to ensure the satisfaction and recognition of our customers.

For this reason, we are oriented to the continuous improvement of our processes, generating an adequate work environment, training our collaborators at all levels.